Teen mother. Victim of molestation. 5 miscarriages. An absent father who died of an overdose on her 31st birthday.


Those are just a few past hardships that Natasha has survived and overcome. She is not a victim but a survivor who took all the bricks that life threw her and used them to build a solid foundation built upon an eagerness to service her community.


Manic depression. Anti-psychotic meds, severe anxiety, bipolar disorder II, and obsessive-compulsive disorder were the words uttered by doctors.


During this dark time, I fought to get to the light. I had a mantra I repeated constantly, “ I am not what happened to me.” I used the despair, long nights of crying, and feeling hopeless and begin channeling that energy into learning and evolving into the enlightened woman I am today.


Mother. Wife. 6 figure earner.  Business & mindset coach. CEO. SURVIVOR.


Those are now the words associated with Natasha. Every opportunity to educate and share my experiences and how I got out of my head to my bag I take on with joy. I am a firm believer in reciprocity and the law of attraction.  I decided I did not have to work 18 hour days to be successful and began strategically setting my business and myself up for success.


"It's an honor for me to teach other souls who have survived trauma on how to amass the success & money they desire without the hustling mentality. I get to help them align with their soul’s calling and teach them to use their past experiences to catapult them into their business."

- Coach TashaNichole